Predictive Analysis: Top 6 Large Penetration Vendors

Top 6 Vendor Use Case Business Model Interface Function Underlying Tech Usability
Alteryx Retail and communications. Popular suites are expensive. Light interactivity such as sorting data can be as economic as $500 per seat (monthly). Dashboards and search capabilities run closer to $1.2k per seat. Power user functionality averages about $2.4k / seat. Developers needing scripting or ETL can expect to pay $3.6k. Administrator seats and advanced analytics run $10k per seat and higher. Additional annual fees for maintenance and support cost an additional 20% or more. Single workflow, no programming required. Direct connect to primary architecture. Drag and drop for R, scalable performance. Fast model development.
IBM Cognos Insight; Analysis Studio; SPSS Build PA from scratch. Lacks the ERP products Oracle and SAP BO offer. Hive for access, processing Hadoop data. In memo DBMS. Only OLAP server that will not do writeback. Technical; difficult to implement.
MSFT Excel w/ PowerPivot Excel is the widest deployed BI tool. 95% technical. Deep analysis capability. $60k per SQL Server 2008 R2 CPU socket.
MSFT HD Insight; SSRS BI and analytics standard. Dashboards, some visualiz12n. Planning to introduce 3D analysis and self service ETL with full search function. HD Insight Server can be deployed on multiple hardware platforms running Hadoop.
Oracle BIEE; Hyperion BI Foundation Ste. includes Enterprise Edition 11g, BI Pub., Essbase Analytics, Scorecard & Strategy Mgmt High rating in self service discovery. OBIEE 11g is about $300,00 per processor license. Scorecard about $90,000.
SAP Business Objects; Netweaver; Visual Intelligence Global marketshare leader includes ERP w/ their BI. Camera view in mobile. HANA is the new parallel in memory DB platform for predictive analytics on ERPs. BO: most buggy, unreliable and unstable product rating. Unsatisfactory customer support.
SAP HANA Native column store. Competes with EMC Greenplum in Hadoop line of business. Strategy: move SAP transaction DB processing and analytics onto HANA. Attempting to eliminate their own dependency on Oracle, and perhaps differentiate their app suite by highlighting the DB.
SAS Miner; JMP; Visual Analytics Platform vendor focuses on advanced analytics, mining and predictive modeling. Hard to use; takes months to get a report. LASR Analytic Server software runs natively on Hadoop. JMP links stats and graphics. Simulations and optimizations. Exactly average in BI but serious in Hadoop DBMS techs, both in DB and in memory.
Top 6 Vendor Function 2013 Rating Data Coverage Value / Performance Company Strength
Alteryx Mining, BI. Weaker in Discovery, exploration. 4.8. Good vision. Rated #1 LE BI for ad-hoc. Strong integration capability. Problems with reliability, although overall customer satisfaction is high. High subscription renewals.
IBM Cognos Insight; Analysis Studio; SPSS Mining. Megavendor capability for scale. 8.5 8 Cognos8 rated 7.5 (very poor); unpopular. Most visionary player in the BI industry.
MSFT Excel w/ PowerPivot Visual Data Analysis. 2 Lowest rated CPM peer. Good for datastore. Not iterative.
MSFT HD Insight; SSRS Major ERP and DW vendor. 3 7.5 #4 in enterprise reporting.
Oracle BIEE; Hyperion Huge range of products for BI; Hadoop appliance for big data. Build PA from scratch. Low customer satisfaction in enterprise reporting. 8 Average composite product and ease of use scores. Essbase is #2 among performance management peers.
SAP Business Objects; Netweaver; Visual Intelligence Mega Vendor 7.3 6.3 Acq’d KXEN  Modeler for commercial predictive mining, in 2013. Acquired SuccessFactors (HRMS who acquired cubetree for $50M) for $3.4 billion.
SAS Miner; JMP; Vis Analytics LE Analysis, Visual Data Mining and Exploration 8.2 7.1 Data integration. Local disk. Partnerships with IBM, Pivotal, and Teradata.

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